Home Visits

Please make requests for routine home visits before 11.00am. However, if an emergency arises we must be contacted immediately.

  • Please only ask for a visit if the patient is too ill to attend the surgery.
  • Lack of transport is not a suitable reason for a visit.
  • We do not normally visit children with minor illnesses.
  • The vast majority of ill children and adults are not harmed by car travel and facilities for a proper assessment may not be available at home.
  • Adults with common symptoms such as back or stomach pain, sore throat, cough etc are best treated using the facilities at the surgery.

In some circumstances, the request for a home visit may be so serious that initial assessment over the phone indicates that the prime responsibility of the doctor would be to arrange emergency transport to the hospital. In this instance, the doctor would only visit if they could do so before the ambulance would be expected to arrive.