Electronic Prescription Service

From Tuesday 31st March, almost all prescriptions will be sent electronically from the surgery.

Even if you don’t have a preferred or “nominated” pharmacy where your prescriptions go to electronically, instead of receiving a green prescription slip which must be signed by a prescriber, usually a GP, the prescriber will send this electronically to the Spine and you will receive a printed “token” from the surgery to take with you to the pharmacy of your choice. The pharmacist will use the barcode on your token to ‘call down’ the electronic prescription from the Spine to enable them to dispense your medication.

If you have a nominated pharmacy but would prefer to take your token to another chemist, just ask the clinician or prescribing clerk before they issue the prescription and they can arrange a printed token to give to you or for you to collect.

If you wish to nominate a pharmacy, please register for the electronic prescription service.